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A browser tool that can help you secure all of your online passwords and data
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This piece of software makes your web surfing more secure. This browser tool helps you record all your passwords and it can automatically log you in each time you visit a web page that requires authentication. All of your passwords and other confidential data are safely stored on your computer. Besides safe storing of your passwords, this program can help you create accounts and fill any kind of forms with just a few clicks. All you have to do is to complete your profile with all the possible information and each time you come across a website that requires account creation just select "fill form". It will automatically fill the required information for every type of account (including bank accounts and credit card information).

This browser tool comes in a large variety of languages and is compatible with every kind of browser for Windows, Linux, Mac and even mobile devices.

Another feature that this piece of software has is the possibility of generating secure passwords. It is a very useful feature and, combined with the ability of storing and automatically filling your account information, provides a fast and easy way of creating a secure account. This program also lets you import and export any kind of forms or you can start a security check for all your passwords. This last feature can help you determine how secure all of your passwords are and provides you a way to increase your security (in case you have the same password for multiple websites for example).

To sum it all up, this browser tool helps you improve the security of all your online accounts. It can save passwords and automatically log you in each time you visit the websites that require authentication. It is a great tool that is definitely worth trying.

Tyler Vidd
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