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LastPass is an online password manager that works through an extension, which is, fortunately, compatible with all major browsers. As a result, it also supports practically every operating system. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the application’s interface is not very attractive.

The application can help generate secure passwords and even suggest replacing your weak passwords by stronger ones. Most of the time, users refrain from using robust passwords precisely because they’re also very hard to remember. However, if you´re using LastPass, there´s nothing to worry about, for the tool can store and let you retrieve them whenever it´s necessary. Most importantly, LastPass can do all this without requiring much effort on your part. When you first enter a website that requires authentication, the tool asks you whether you want to save the corresponding username and password or not. And if it´s not the first time you enter that site, LastPass can automatically fill in the required data for you.

LastPass is very safe in terms of protecting your password information. In this regard, it allows you to decide what to do between surfing sessions and how frequently to erase clipboard contents. It also lets you use various identities, as an additional measure to protect your privacy. Moreover, it’s also safe against keyloggers as using a virtual keyboard is also possible. Last but not least, your login information travels in encrypted form, so there’s practically no way to steal it.

LastPass has the advantage of supporting all browsers, portable devices and operating systems. What’s more, it can store not only passwords but also other personal information, which saves you a lot of typing data into online forms. However, you may always have a logical concern about trusting your privacy to a third party.

Pedro Castro
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  • It’s easy to use
  • It allows you to create various identities
  • It protects you against keyloggers
  • It is compatible with all major browsers


  • Its interface is not very attractive
  • There may be concerns about trusting your privacy to a third party
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